What We Say and Do Versus What We Really Say and Do

I read this article this weekend and I wanted to share it with you. The article talks about how sometimes when we save money from coupons, sales, etc. instead of saving it in an interest baring account we spend it.

I had to think about how many of the students we work with see older siblings, parents, relatives, etc. use this same strategy. We tell our kids that “we don’t have money for that” while we’re clipping coupons and asking neighbors for referrals to find that must have item with a low price tag and then turn around and buy something completly unnecessary. For example, I will tell my husband that we don’t have money to buy new $150 jeans then I’ll suggest that we go to dinner at our favorite Brazilian steakhouse that usually sets us back about $100. Curious, no?

In this time of financial uncertainty maybe we should all think about our choices. I mean the things that we do and say as well as the things that are non-verbal that others pick up on.

What are we teaching our children?

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