Funding Sources

Ways to Fund Shay’s Speaking Programs

Here are a few creative options and tips for funding my programs:

#1 Plan to integrate and highlight Shay into a major theme or awareness day including:

  • Welcome Week (colleges)
  • April (Financial Education Month)
  • Graduation Season (high schools and colleges)
  • Post-graduation support (colleges)

#2 Get a grant to host an event. Here are some organizations that provide grants for events:


#3 Contact local business organizations (i.e, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Elks, Chamber of Commerce). Present your plan and request their sponsorship.

#4 Create a win-win situation. Contact several of your larger local businesses, especially those related to services for teens and their families. Ask for the owner, CEO or Community Services Department. If they are willing to help sponsor the speaker, you can exchange the favor by announcing their support to your students and parents.

#5 Invite multiple clubs on campus to participate and help in a fund raising project. A cooperative effort helps students collaborate and learn about the realities of acquiring funding in the real world.

#6 Sororities/Fraternities: Include funds for speakers in Cotillion/Beautillion fees or ask your organization’s members to contribute toward the cost of the speaking fee.

#7 Charge a fee for your event to help cover the cost of speaking fees.

Ready to Invite Shay to Speak at Your Event?

Thank you for your interest in booking me. Give me a call at (323) 596-1843.