Ethnic Scholarships Racist?

First off, everyone is ethnic because everyone has an ethnicity and we can’t think of one ethnic group that doesn’t have scholarships for students.

I took a poll around the office to make sure that I’m not crazy (well, that one came back inconclusive) to think that scholarships based on ethnicity are not racist. I have to admit, it never occurred to me that anyone would think that until I read a post from a student this morning. Her post led me to this article about how some kids in Boston are saying that scholarships directed towards students of color are racist.


Anyone that has ever searched for scholarships knows that there are scholarships for anything, and everything, under the sun! I have seen scholarships for tall people, wearing Duck Tape to prom, and for having the last name Zolp. Each group has the right to raise money and distribute it as the group sees fit.

It’s silly to tell a group that they can’t help students who believe in thier mission get throught school.  Happy scholarship hunting!