American Airlines Credit Union Financial Bootcamp

Shay standing next to .... Shay at the American Airlines Credit Union Financial Bootcamp event.

Shay Olivarria gave the keynote at Financial Bootcamp Thursday, June 23, 2011. It was amazing! Participants enjoyed hearing how to “Spend to Get the Future You Really Want“. Of course, the presentation was lively and students engaged in conversation about marketing techniques, but sometimes it’s the unspoken lessons that students really take home:

“That small changes make a big impact.”
“If you really want to achieve a certain goal take time to set dates, limitations, etc.”
“Learning about being logical when you spend your money and not by emotions. Start saving money.”
“Not to be fooled by advertising and to spend money wisely.”
“Your mindset right now could potentially change the lifestyle you have at age 50/61 when you retire.”

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Shay Olivarria and Cynthia Coleman at American Airlines Credit Union Financial Bootcamp event in Dallas, Tx.

Shay Olivarria delivering the keynote at American Airlines Credit Union Financial Bootcamp event.

Financial Bootcamp team at American Airlines Credit Union.

American Airlines Credit Union

Shay is presenting the keynote at Financial Bootcamp for AACU.

Financial Bootcamp For Teens 2011
Thursday, June 23rd the most dynamic financial education speaker, Shay Olivarria, will be giving the keynote “Spend to Get the Future You Really Want” at Financial Bootcamp presented by the American Airlines Credit Union in Dallas, Tx.

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May Newsletter

In case you missed it, here’s the May Newsletter. So many good things are going on that I had to make a video! My second book on personal finance will be available soon, my new eBook “Guerrilla Financial Tactics’ has been downloaded almost 700 times, I’m giving they keynote at Become New’s Money & Emotion event, I’m speaking at Greater Mt. Olive’s Juneteenth event, and I’m looking forward to teaching Master Your Money: Increase Your Credit Score & Decrease Your Debt at Riverside Community College.

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Money & Emotions May 29th in Carson, CA

Shay Olivarria will be the keynote speaker at this event on personal finance in Carson, CA.

I’m really looking forward to giving the keynote address at the money & emotions event hosted by Become N.E.W. on Saturday, May 29th in Carson, CA.

Become N.E.W. says

Join N.E.W for another EMPOWERING event! This is a financial workshop. Addressing our relationship with money and learning valuable skills in overcoming emotional spending and remaining financially stable in a struggling economy.

Shay Olivarria will lead our Financial Workshop.

Lester Barrie will host this event.

Comedy relief by Comedian Barry Brewer.

There will be other speakers and presenters as well as additional treats and surprises to make this a very memorable and EMPOWERING event.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Please RSVP today to SAVE THIS DATE!! :o)

Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook and 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money will be available at the event.

See you there!