Virtual Book Launch June 8th


As you all know, I am ecstatic about the printing of the 2nd edition of 10 Things College Students Need to Know about Money! I’m so excited that for the first time ever I’m hosting a virtual book launch on Facebook. What is a virtual book launch you ask? Good question.  *wink*

A virtual book launch is an opportunity for you to ask me about the book, win some cool gifts and score an AMAZING discount on the book. I’m so excited.

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See you Wednesday, June 8th between 6:30pm and 8:30pm Pacific Standard Time.

Creditors Use Facebook Too

I just read that some collection agencies are turning to Facebook to locate debtors. I’m more surprised than anything. Not surprised that creditors would use such a tactic, surprised that #1 they haven’t thought of this earlier and #2 that people would fall for it.

From the article, the creditors pose as an attractive person and send the debtor a friend request. The debtor chooses to add the new friend and then the debtor has access to your:
– address
– place of employment/business
– phone number/cell number
– evidence of your behavior ( you tell them you can’t pay, but you’re taking trips and buying things)

Here are some things that creditors can and can’t do based on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Download the whole FDCPA verbage from the government here.

Think twice before you add a new friend on Facebook.

The Voluptua Project

I’m so excited about being featured on The Voluptua Project today!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the site, here’s what it’s about:

“The Voluptua Project™ caters to voluptuous women of ALL sizes but chiefly those size 6/8-18/20 and the men that love them.We provide access to curve-friendly resources, promote HEALTH, spirituality and wellness in addition to a rock solid experience – online and off – to connect with one another.

Additionally, the project seeks to effect social change through community activism and support groups offering assistance with a host of empowerment and encouragement programs that address issues such as health/weight issues, self-esteem and an introduction to entrepreneurship.”

Take a look at my feature and browse the site. There are great articles about fashion, perception, and more.

Visit The Voluptua Project. It’s the site for curvy ladies and real gents.