$1,500 Scholarships (3) from Kentucky Fairness Alliance

Three scholarships available from the Kentucky Fairness Alliance:

Jason Johnson Scholarship

In the spring of 2006, undergraduate student Jason Johnson was expelled from one of Kentucky’s institutions of higher education. Not because he was failing — he had good grades! Not because he caused problems — he had many friends and contributed to the community! He was expelled because he was gay. And rather than go home and hide, Jason took a courageous route — he spoke up against this injustice, and he started a statewide debate about funding for such exclusionary schools.

Mark England Scholarship

In the spring of 2009, this scholarship was created to applaud the considerable efforts of Louisville’s own Mark England. He is a unique and dynamic individual that is known for his success in the business community working as a real estate professional. Mark has long been a leader in the fairness community working to better the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Kentuckians. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville’s School of Business.


Erika’s Hope” Memorial Scholarship

Erika Flynn was poised to enter Spalding University’s Masters of Social Work Program the summer of 2008, but passed away unexpectedly before being able to do so. From the moment she interviewed for that program, Erika inspired University officials with her commitment, spirit, and possibility. Prior to Spalding, she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of Louisville and went on to teach at-risk youth at the Hampshire Educational Collaborative in Northampton, Massachusetts until 2003. When she returned to Louisville, Erika opened a coffee shop, the Atomic Saucer. During the five years Erika ran the Atomic Saucer, it became a wellknown gathering place for people of all identities and walks of life. Also, Erika used the coffee shop as a way to advocate for change and assist those in need. Those that knew her during life speak strongly of Erika’s “hope” for a more diverse and loving society for the LGBT community.



Please provide all of the following in an MS Word or PDF file:

1. Name, Home Address, Phone, Email, Grade Point Average, Class Rank, and Major(s).

2. An autobiographical statement that describes you and your academic and future goals. The statement should describe your educational and community experiences and your plans for future education or work. (up to 500 words)

3. A description of any services to, contributions to, or activities in the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender community in Kentucky. (up to 250 words)

4. An outline of your student involvement, leadership experiences, volunteer efforts and/or work experience. Please provide reference and contact information for each experience. (up to 500 words)

5. A statement describing your financial need. (up to 250 words)

6. Three letters of recommendation to support your application. They should vary in scope (student colleague, faculty member, administrator, community member, etc.)

Please remit by August 14, 2009 to:

KFA Foundation Scholarships Selection Committee

c/o Jody Cofer