American Airlines Credit Union

Shay is presenting the keynote at Financial Bootcamp for AACU.

Financial Bootcamp For Teens 2011
Thursday, June 23rd the most dynamic financial education speaker, Shay Olivarria, will be giving the keynote “Spend to Get the Future You Really Want” at Financial Bootcamp presented by the American Airlines Credit Union in Dallas, Tx.

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10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money

10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money Book Cover

Available soon at retail stores for $15.

I’m thrilled that my new book, 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money, will be available in 3 weeks. With all the changes to the personal finance landscape with the CARD Act and change in management of federal student loans, it’s more important than ever that college students understand personal finance.

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HBCUs, College Costs, and Money – Why You Should Care

I just finished reading a post in the Higher Education blog about Historically Black Colleges and Universities and I’m fighting mad.

the six-year graduation rates of 83 four-year HBCUs last year, finding that just 37 percent of black students attained degrees within six years. More striking than the low completion rate was the fact that the national college graduation rate for black students is actually 4 percentage points higher than that of HBCUs collectively, calling into question the long-held notion that HBCUs are better at graduating African Americans.

It’s not only the fact that only 37% of students at HBCUS are graduating after 6 years that’s getting me riled up. The part that stuck out to me the most is:

Asked about graduation rates Thursday, Education Sector panelists suggested that funding levels could not be discounted as a significant drag on student success at HBCUs.

“A lot of that [graduation] rate …. is grounded in money, lack of money,” Wilson said.

Some HBCU officials say they still encounter hundreds of academically eligible students each year who drop out of college because their financial need cannot be met with Pell Grants and other aid. The vast majority of HBCUs have small endowments, so there isn’t a pot of money to dip into when financial challenges arise.

I take two things from this:

1) Many students of color rely on financial aid to pay for college costs. To make sure that students of color have access to the funds they need financial educators like myself have to:
– Make sure that parents have access to more information about saving for college early and regularly.
– Reach students to plan for college costs earlier.
– Help students of color save and aggressively seek scholarships and grants.
– Assist families of color in better understanding college costs and finding the school with the best fit for them.

2) Students that graduated from HBCUs aren’t supporting the colleges and universities financially as much as they could. I wonder if there is an opportunity to assist HBCU students, and potential graduates, in becoming more successful and understanding how their contributing to their alma maters contributes to building a strong community.

I think we all know the reasons we want more youth to have access to higher education. More young people in college means fewer young people getting into trouble with the law or getting stuck in low wage jobs. If we want our communities to be strong then we have to do what it takes to support others that are striving for positivity.

In an effort to reach more HBCU students I’m making an effort to share my new book 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money with all 105 HBCUs in the United States. To kick things off I’ll be visiting Fayetville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, and Dallas-Ft. Worth this August.

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Buy Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook

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Scholarship for “Rising Through the Ranks” RAB Radio Training Academy, Dallas

From Radio Ink:


NEW YORK — April 27, 2009: The partnership of the RAB, BMI, and the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio Group is now accepting applications for scholarships the second annual two-day “Rising Through the Ranks” training seminar at the RAB Radio Training Academy in Dallas.

The seminar will be held August 25-26 and will feature Erica Farber, the former publisher of Radio & Records and the winner of the RAB and MIW Group’s first annual Trailblazer Award. BMI will be providing 25 scholarships for the 2009 program, covering the cost of the training course.

“As we continue our efforts to create opportunities, educate and support the careers of women in radio, ‘Rising Through the Ranks’ and similar programs remain essential to the advancement of women in management roles,” said Heidi Raphael, VP of Corporate Communication for Greater Media and spokesperson for the MIW Radio Group.

Scholarship applications and registration for the seminar are available at


Dallas Grant to Attend SMU’s Youth Symposium

From Hispanic

Are you Hispanic and in high school or know someone who is? 200 Hispanic high school students will get the chance of a lifetime to attend the Dallas Hispanic Youth Symposium at Southern Methodist University.

Program highlights include:

  • Workshops on how to prepare for, apply to, and finance college – taught by college admissions counselors!
  • Career workshops that introduce students to engineering, science, math, and more!
  • “Issues to Action” – Workshops focusing on the role of community involvement and public policy with competitions and prizes for actionable solutions
  • $14,000 in scholarship monies – Awarded to winners of the art competition, essay competition, talent competition, and speech competition! (Participation is not mandatory.)
  • “Hispanic Heroes” – Breakout group meetings with Hispanic role models from the community. 90% of symposia attendees leave the program with a mentor!
  • College and career fair

What are you waiting for, make this a priority for you and all your friends. SMU is such a nice campus, you may even want to attend school there as well. Si Se Puede!