Authors in Focus

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Chandra Adams and Charles Chatmon on Authors in Focus. We talked about my financial education work speaking to students across the country, 3 things every college student needs to know about money, why credit unions are so awesome, my trip Cross Country in a Ford last year and my new book All My Mistakes: Money tips for kids in care.

My segmented included an interview with mystery novelist Gary Phillips who has written more than 12 novels. Everyone was really nice. I loved meeting the other authors and learning a bit more about the Hosanna Broadcasting Network where the show will air.

Authors N Focus will now been seen on the Hosanna Broadcasting Network (Channel 20 on the Disk network and Direct TV channel 20). Check it out when you get a chance.

Voluptua Project – 5 Reasons You Should Open an Account at a Credit Union

This month, my article on The Voluptua Project is about credit unions.

# 1 Traditional banks don’t care about you.
Traditional banks exist to make money for shareholders. This means that regardless of how much money they spend to make you think otherwise, their main concern is for a healthy bottom line not for your welfare. Sometimes their desire to earn profits dovetails with your desire to be financially solvent, but don’t be fooled .. read the rest of the article here.