I’m pleased that WomenWorking.com has included an excerpt from my second book on personal finance, 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money on their site.

10 Things Students Need to Know About Money Book Cover

Thanks WomenWorking.com!

There are 6 simple steps to getting what you want from your money:

Have you ever pulled $20 out of the ATM and two hours later you had no idea how you spent the money? Having a spending plan is a way to help you recognize what you’ve been spending your money on and what changes you may want to make. Use these simple steps:

Read the whole excerpt here.

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5 Most Common Mistakes College Students Make

As students get ready to go back for the fall semester of college, I thought it would be a great time to take a moment and share some tips for saving a few dollars and getting started on the right financial foot. This is an article that I wrote for HBCU Digest.

Read the full article here.

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7 Things High School Grads Must Do This Summer to Prepare for College

I’m thrilled that Popular Hispanics has decided to run a piece I wrote for high school graduates this summer, 7 Things High School Grads Must Do This Summer to Prepare for College.

Now that your child has graduated from high school what are their next steps towards a successful financial transition into college? Here are seven tips they should be working on this summer.

Check out the article by clicking here.

Financial Tips from 50 Cent

As you know, I’ve partnered with Shalena Diva to provide financial education tips to her audience. Many of us have seen the photos of 50 Cent after he lost all that weight for a new role, but how many of us thought about the financial lessons that we could learn from it? There are 3 lessons to be learned from 50’s weight loss and I share them in this week’s video for Shalena Divas’s site.

Watch the video here.

HBCU Digest Column – Ignorance is Bliss

This month I began writing for HBCU Digest. I’m really concerned with providing financial education to students at HBCUs. These colleges and universities graduate half of the Black professionals in the US. It makes no sense to prepare these students to get a good job and not educate them on how to handle the money they will be earning.

Every month I’ll post financial education tips, musings from my work at HBCUs, and answers to questions from students at HBCUs. The first column is titled “Ignorance is Bliss”.

Be well.

Voluptua Project – 5 Reasons You Should Open an Account at a Credit Union

This month, my article on The Voluptua Project is about credit unions.

# 1 Traditional banks don’t care about you.
Traditional banks exist to make money for shareholders. This means that regardless of how much money they spend to make you think otherwise, their main concern is for a healthy bottom line not for your welfare. Sometimes their desire to earn profits dovetails with your desire to be financially solvent, but don’t be fooled .. read the rest of the article here.