Free In-Person Tax Filing

If you earn less than $66,000 a year, you can have the United Way file your taxes for you, in-person, for free.

That’s right.


United Way

You contact your local United Way branch, take your tax documents, and they will file your taxes for you for FREE while you wait. If you are over 50, in the military, undocumented, whatever …  they have something to help you file FREE.

Unfortunately, even if you earn less than $66,000 (or $69,000 if you just wanted to use the free online tax prep software) and you own a business (you file a schedule C) you are NOT eligible to get your taxes done for free. They say the free software doesn’t have a schedule C.

Taxes 1040

This year, our taxes don’t have to be filed until July 15th so you have a few more weeks.


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