My Work is So Important Because Teachers Think It Isn’t

“Many of the teachers that were surveyed didn’t think that financial education was an important concept,” said Brian Cullinan, the market managing partner for the auditing firm Pricewaterhouse Cooper in Southern California, which sponsored the survey.

I just read this quote from Despite new law, California lags in personal finance education and it turned my stomach. The reason I work so hard to reach people and teach them about personal finance is because most of them weren’t educated in that field in high school, undergrad or grad school. Apparently, they weren’t educated in it because teachers don’t think that it’s important. According to the article, fewer than 10% of teachers teach personal finance in California.

When you’re calling about speaking to a group of students, often the teacher will ignore your call or not prioritize your event. Now, I know why. This makes it even more important to educate your children about personal finance outside of school. Take ’em to a workshop. Register ’em for a webinar. Buy ’em a book. Talk with them about your successes and challenges. Do SOMETHING to make sure they don’t have to learn the hard way like most of us did.

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