Know the Fees that Eat Away at Your 401(k) on


My latest article on talks about the new rule that says that each person that has a 401k must get a statement that can actually be read! Lol Read to find out where the fees are going, the types of fees involved and why it matters. Find the complete article online at

Employees that invest in their company’s 401(k) plan should be able to understand their statements. A new rule from the Labor Department will, for the first time, enable many investors to understand how much of their investment dollars are going up in fees. “I know it’s there and that there’s money involved for me, but other than that I really don’t know how to access how much I have etc.,” says Lupe Zuniga of Waco, Texas. Each person that has money in a 401(k) should have received a statement by August 30 detailing how much money they have invested in which funds and how much they pay for that privilege.

Read the whole article here.




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