Men Earn More Than $400,000 More Than Women

After all the talk about the gender pay gap, the gender net worth gap, I wasn’t really surprised to read something else about how many fewer dollars women earn than men, but seeing the number attached to the image to the left gave me pause. Could it be true? Over a lifetime, on average, men will earn $431,360 more than women due to the gender pay gap.

Part of me wants to mention all the numbers again, wants  to point out why financial education is so important, and wants to help give you the tools to do something different …. but …. I can’t. We all know why these things are important. We all know that we need to make good choices. We all know ….. *sigh*

Here’s yet another infographic that explains why we need to be aware our value, stand in our power, negotiate hard, and make the most the money we bring home.

View more infographics at

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