Why Gas is So High

It costs the Saudis less than $2 a barrel to produce oil, but it costs Americans more than $100 per barrel to buy it. Why?

I have no way to prove that this is right or wrong, but with gas prices causing so much trouble for so many American families, I wanted to make sure that the information/perspective was getting as much press as possible.

NPR asked Adam Davidson to write an article explaining why he believes gas costs so much. Read the whole piece here.

Like it or not, the bill for keeping the Persian Gulf monarchies in power is now being footed by every American. Every time we fuel our car we send an extra 35 cents per gallon, or roughly $6 per fill up, to the Save the King Foundation. Since oil goes into everything we buy from food to plastics, this adds about $1,500 annually to the expenditures of the average American family.



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