Hoover HS 2011

Shay shares a tip about saving early and often at Hoover HS in San Diego.

Financial education speaker Shay Olivarria had a wonderful time at Hoover High School in the City Heights part of San Diego! It was really special because Shay graduated from Hoover 15 years ago. She delivered two seminars entitled “Money Tips for Seniors” to the graduating class. Students really got a lot from the seminar. Don’t believe it? Students said they learned:

“It’s important to use your money the right way. I’m going to spend less money on junk food and start saving up all my coins”

“A lot about credit and how to smart choices ’cause you don’t want to have bad credit”

“To keep trying”

“Everything is propaganda, the 5 things that keep your credit score high, don’t get store cards”

“I learned that it’s better to put my money in a credit union”

“Think and use the available resources for our future career”

“The more money I have in the bank, the more money I get; called interest”

“That it’s better to have a money market account than a savings account. I am planning on opening an account at a credit union”

“Money is power”

“Make sure not to be fooled by commercials that promote free money”

Shay talks about how amazing credit unions are at Hoover HS.

Students love talking about credit unions! Who knew? One of the central tips Shay talks about is knowing the difference between a bank and a credit union. Many of the student mentioned that they learned more about what credit unions are and how they can use them.

If you’re considering a credit union, check out “Are You a Good Fit for a Credit Union?” on FoxBusiness.com.

Two students from each seminar won books from Shay Olivarria.

At each seminar, two students won copies of “10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money“. You should have seen them scrambling to find the winning ticket under their chairs. It’s really great to see students excited about learning personal finance tips.

Talk about a complete speaker! Shay is amazing!

Want to know more about Shay? Visit www.BiggerThanYourBlock.com.

“It was fun and interesting. =) Shay was real open about her experiences!”

Book Shay to speak at your event today (323) 596-1843.

One thought on “Hoover HS 2011

  1. Shay, I love peeking in on you to see what you are up. It is so great that you continue to make an impact on young minds about money. Such a necessity right now as the market is saturated with credit & borrowing ads. I love what you do!

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