Stop making investing complicated.

Money management is simple.

Folks will try to make it seem more complex than it is by using financial jargon and complex terms for simple time-tested strategies, but the truth is that becoming wealthy through investing is really easy. For years I have been advocating a simple investment strategy in my book Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook:

– Choose a no-load mutual fund from an investment firm that you feel comfortable with and has a good history.
– Start investing in a tax-deferred account (401k/403b/IRA) as soon as you have earned income.
– Invest something every month. Even if it’s the minimum (usually about $50).
– Keep your eye on your money, but don’t worry.

It sounds crazy that investing can be this simple, but it is. There’s no “magic bullet” that will make you a millionaire and anyone that tells you there is one is more than likely a liar. You have to be willing to set a financial goal and then work toward reaching it by paying yourself first and making sure that you are spending waaaaay less than you make.

It’s not rocket science, but most people won’t do it. Not because it’s complicated, but because it’s easier to believe that you can’t be wealthy than it is to work to make it happen. If you’re thinking about investing and you’re a questioning yourself remember this: K.I.S.S.

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