Latina Financial Educators

Latina financial education speaker and author Shay Olivarria at book signing in San Diego, CA.

This morning as I was reading my way through the blogosphere, I read this post on “The Importance of Money Education for Latina Women“. I was surprised to see that the sites that were noted were about couponing and tips for new moms. Where were the sites for the high school students? The college students? The average professional that wanted a few tips on retirement, opening an account at a credit union, or growing their emergency fund?

This prompted me to try and find a Latina financial educator on the web. Guess what? I found nada. When you talk about female financial educators the usual suspects come up. There’s Suze Orman, of course. Some might mention Michelle Singletary from the Washington Post. If pressed, someone might mention Debra Owens. It’s great there are a few women with national recognition, however did you notice that none of these women are Latinas?

I wonder if there are women out there other than financial education speaker and author Shay Olivarria doing this work? I’m not sure, but I wanted to make sure that when someone did a Google search for “Latina financial educator” at least one name would come up. So, feel free to share this post with others. I’d love to be aware of more Latina speakers and authors that are working to provide financial education to our community. If you know of someone, please share their name and website.


One thought on “Latina Financial Educators

  1. I’m glad our article prompted you to question and find the answer as why we featured coupon sites on our article.

    Like you said, there is very, very little out there on financial education within the Latino/a community.

    I, too, have been searching for a contributor and have not been able to connect to one.

    If you find one, let me know.

    Angelica Perez
    Founding Editor, New Latina

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