3 $500 Scholarships for Community Service

From Oregon Campus Contact:


Platinum Torch National Service Honorary, a national non-profit organization that recognizes high school and college students’ community service involvement, announces the availability of at least three $500 scholarships for the 2009-2010 academic year.


Platinum Torch is the only national non-profit organization that honors students solely based on outstanding community service involvement. Platinum Torch awards scholarships to students who perform the most verified community service hours each academic year. High school seniors and college students applying for the scholarships must first register as a member with Platinum Torch by logging on to the Web site at http://www.platinumtorch.org.  New high school chapters require a minimum of five members and college chapters must have at least 10 members. All chapters require a designated faculty or staff advisor.


For more information about Platinum Torch please visit platinumtorch.org or call our Executive Director, Susan Puder, at (866) 841-9134, ext. 1016. 

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