$15,000 Scholarship for Tea Drinkers

From TeaEffects.com

Do you love tea? Do you appreciate all the great health benefits of drinking tea? Are you a college student looking for money for your education? Then read on…

The Calm-A-Sutra of Tea is a nationwide scholarship being offered for the most unique and creative way to drink tea. And if you come up with the winning video you could win a $15,000 scholarship!

Sponsored by the Tea Council of the USA, Inc. they are looking for a 1-2 minute homemade internet video on the health benefits of drinking tea — black, green, white or oolong — hot or iced. You need to be creative! Show why you believe in the health benefits of tea (don’t mention any specific brands please) and you could be on your way to winning $15,000! And do it in the most creative, off-beat way and you could be a winner!

So if you (or a college student you know) want to take part in this nationwide scholarship opportunity start now getting your ideas together and get that video made! Just outline all the great health benefits of tea in the craziest, most unique way you can come up with and get it submitted by midnight, May 31, 2009.

We all know that drinking tea is great for our health but who knew it could put money in your pocket too!

Visit TeaEffects.com for more information.

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